On June 13th, 2012 the District Court for Poznan - Stare Miasto, XI Commercial Division for Bankruptcy and Reorganization issued a decision declaring bankruptcy with the possibility to make an arrangement of the Company. Thus, since June 13th, 2012, the name of the Company is: PBG SA in company voluntary arrangement.


MARKET: 2011 was a year of major contract work related to the upcoming 2012 European Football Championships. The PBG Group played a large part in the preparations for the important event, having constructed three out of the four Polish arenas to stage the Championships. The construction of the PGE Arena in Gdańsk and the National Stadium in Warsaw was completed in 2011, while the City Stadium in Poznań was completed a year earlier. Work was also under way on other strategic infrastructural projects developed ahead of the 2012 European Football Championships: the A1 and A4 motorways and the S5 expressway.

CHANGES IN THE PBG GROUP: Two acquisitions closed in 2011 – the takeover of a controlling stake in Energomontaż Południe and the acquisition of RAFAKO – were a key element of the Company’s new strategy. They marked the beginning of a planned shift of the PBG Group’s core business towards power engineering and consolidation of the Group’s power engineering business around RAFAKO.

STOCK EXCHANGE: Negotiations with Spain’s OHL, concerning sale of majority interests in Hydrobudowa Polska S.A. and Aprivia S.A., were suspended. However, the intention to cooperate with OHL in winning and executing construction contracts in Poland and abroad was confirmed.


MARKET: The Company secured one of the most important contracts in its history and one of strategic importance nationally and globally – the design and construction of an LNG regasification terminal in Świnoujście. Winning of new contracts for construction of roads and motorways. Completion of one of the three Euro 2012 stadiums – the Municipal Stadium in Poznań.

CHANGES IN THE GROUP: The Company made a first step towards entry into a new business area – the power sector. Acquisition of 25% plus one share in Energomontaż Południe.

STOCK EXCHANGE: The Company started negotiations with OHL representatives with respect to international cooperation and sale of majority interests in Hydrobudowa Polska and Aprivia – prospects of entering the operator services market.


MARKET: Further strengthening of the Company’s position on the market of residential construction by expanding the PBG Dom Group to include new SPVs established to implement specific development projects.
Securing of new contracts related to the construction of stadiums for Euro 2012: the National Stadium in Warsaw and PGE Arena in Gdańsk.

CHANGES IN THE GROUP: Implementation of the strategic objective of expanding into foreign markets through the establishment of PBG Export.

STOCK EXCHANGE: Fourth issue of PBG shares on the WSE.


MARKET: Strengthening of the Company’s position on the markets of road and residential construction, as well as water supply and sewage system rehabilitation.
In addition, the Company won several tenders for the execution of large projects for PGNiG – development of the Lubiatów-Międzychód-Grotów fields; construction of the Wierzchowice Underground Gas Storage Facility; execution of a contract for the construction of the Municipal Stadium in Poznań.

CHANGES IN THE GROUP: Inclusion of BETPOL in the Group, inclusion of BUDWIL and PBG Dom Invest in the PBG Dom Group, inclusion of PRG Metro and Hydrobudowa Polska Konstrukcje (currently PBG Technologia) in the Hydrobudowa Polska Group, establishment of Aprivia, Avatia, Gdyńska Projekta and Górecka Projekt.


MARKET: The Company expanded into new business areas related to road construction, residential construction and foreign markets.

CHANGES IN THE GROUP: The Group was expanded to include new companies within the existing business scope: Hydrobudowa 9; first foreign operations: acquisition of GasOil Engineering and establishment of Excan Oil&Gas Engineering.
The Group also was also expanded to include companies from new industries:

  • road construction: Dromost, Prid, Brokam, Bathinex;
  • building construction: PBG Dom and Apartamenty Poznańskie;
  • Hydrobudowa Włocławek was merged with Hydrobudowa Śląsk giving rise to Hydrobudowa Polska.

STOCK EXCHANGE: Third issue of PBG shares.


MARKET: The company intensified its activity in the environmental protection sector.
Moreover, in 2006 PBG signed a contract with PGNiG for the construction of the Grodzisk Denitriding Facility in the village of Snowidowo, an industrial installation for removal of nitrogen from nitrogen-rich gas.

CHANGES IN THE GROUP: Acquisition of shares in KWG and Hydrobudowa Śląsk.

STOCK EXCHANGE: Second issue of PBG shares. The stock exchange listing and two share issues paved the way for building a strong group of companies with extensive track records in their respective industries, employing qualified staff and boasting strong credentials.


MARKET: Entry into a new sector related to rehabilitation of water supply and sewage systems.

CHANGES IN THE GROUP: Acquisition of shares in Metorex, Infra and additional shares in Hydrobudowa Włocławek.
2005 brought new contracts: execution of first projects for PKN Orlen.
The continued growth of the PBG Group and increasing value of contracts meant higher financing requirements.


The change of the Company’s legal form and name from Technologie Gazowe Piecobiogaz Sp. z o.o. to PBG S.A. in connection with another milestone in our history – the first listing on the stock exchange.

STOCK EXCHANGE: Stock-exchange debut - PBG’s rights issue was launched on the Warsaw Stock Exchange on July 2nd 2004. The debut helped raise the funds necessary to finance further growth of the Company and the PBG Group. We became a brand recognised across Poland.


MARKET: In 2003, the Company secured new contracts related to oil and gas projects. We entered the market of the construction of oil production facilities by constructing the Dzieduszyce and Sławoborze production sites using Canadian and German unmanned oil production technologies.

In the following years, the Company’s strategy has been to develop a strong group operating in the construction industry.


MARKET: 2002 saw a breakthrough in our expansion into new business areas – environmental protection and hydraulic engineering.
One of the landmarks in the Company’s history was the construction of an LPG separation and storage facility in Władysławowo.
We were the first in Poland to apply the LPG and C5+ separation technology and construct a ground flare at the CHP plant on the Hel Peninsula.

CHANGES IN THE GROUP: The Company purchased the first block of shares in Hydrobudowa Włocławek, which was a step towards expanding the Group’s construction business to include hydraulic engineering projects.


Another milestone in the Company’s history was the completion in 2001 of the construction of the complex Kościan-Brońsko Unmanned Gas Production Site, the largest project of this kind in Poland, where Technologie Gazowe Piecobiogaz was the general contractor.


In 1999–2001, the Company implemented BOT projects in Trzemeszno, Złotów and Tomaszów Bolesławiecki – we were the first in Poland to design and construct LNG cryogenic units, used in connecting towns and communities to gas and heat -supply systems, as well as for individual and industrial customers.

The success of those projects led to the spinning off a part of the Company’s business and establishing in 2000 KRI, a company which launched its operations in 2001.


The year 1999 set new directions for the Company’s development.
Thanks to the consistent implementation of our strategy focused on identifying new areas of business expansion, in 1999 we secured a contract for the design and construction of Poland’s first unmanned gas production platform Bonikowo-1 and, later on, another one in Racot.


The Company purchased from American firm T.D. Williamson the tools and technology enabling work on active gas facilities without interrupting gas supply to customers, and subsequently, the Compact Pipe technology of trenchless rehabilitation of pipelines under a license from Dutch company Wavin.

In addition, in 1998 we cooperated with local governments on developing schemes to arrange financing and implement projects involving connection of new customers to the gas-supply system, as well as upgrade of boiler houses (conversion from coal-fired to gas-fired), based on the BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) formula.

Since 1998, the Company’s registered office has been located in Wysogotowo near Poznań.


In line with the Company’s strategy, the partners of Piecobiogaz s.c. decided to establish Technologie Gazowe Piecobiogaz Sp. z o.o., which took over the part of the Company’s business involving construction of gas facilities.

The Company owed its rapid growth to the implementation of state-of-the-art world-class technologies, as well as recruitment and training of young, well-qualified engineering staff.


In 1996, we launched a gas pipeline rehabilitation service performed in air-tight conditions and based on an American technology invented by T.D. Williamson, enabling work on active pipelines.


Design and launch of a new product – Piecobiogaz pressure reduction and metering stations.
Start of cooperation with PGNiG as a customer for Piecobiogaz stations; construction of stations and gas pipelines across Poland.


A family-owned company under the name Piecobiogaz s.c. Jerzy Wiśniewski, Małgorzata Wiśniewska launched its operations on January 26th 1994.

The Company’s business comprised specialist services covering construction, upgrade and maintenance of pressure reduction and metering stations, as well as construction of steel and polyethylene pipelines for transmission and distribution of natural gas.


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