Our employees

Our employees take full responsibility for their work on every stage of the executed task. An exceptional organisational structure and a unique family atmosphere combine to create a sense of co-responsibilty for the company’s success.

Tennis is my passion

Sport is the essence of my life and lawn tennis is my passion. I try to play tennis at least 2-3 times a week. I also play at the PBG Return Tennis Club. I have had the chance and great pleasure to watch the world's best tennis players in Sopot, Poznań and Wrocław, as well as in Paris, Rome and Barcelona. Apart from tennis, I also enjoy jogging, swimming and cycling.

Arkadiusz Jankowiak


PBG Band

My hobby is music. During my school and university years, I used to play the guitar in a few bands. Unfortunately, as is often the case, they all eventually fizzled out. Currently, PBG Band is my main musical activity. The name is not coincidental as the band consists exclusively of the PBG Group's employees. I had never expected that my job would allow me to pursue my passion, rehearsals and concerts including.

Bartosz Kuźmin

Footballer since childhood

One of my hobbies is football, which I have played since I was a child. Sport is my passion: it allows me to relax and unwind. Privately I play in the Polonia Poznań club, in the PBG Group's Football League I am a member of the management team. In October 2011 I was selected, on behalf of PBG, to the Builders' team, which was to play with Ukraine. Being able to play dressed in the national colours on one of the Euro 2012 Stadiums was a very emotional experience for me: I literally had tears in my eyes. And all that was possible thanks to PBG and the belief that we can pursue our passions at work.

Damian Różewski

Environmental protection

I am extremely lucky to be working with people who are eco-conscious. I believe that together we will manage to protect what we have received form Nature for the benefit of future generations.

Ewa Jernas

Go Lech, go!

Having its employees' wellbeing and passions in mind, PBG has created a well-endowed social fund which caters for all tastes and offers an opportunity to combine work with hobbies, whatever they might be. I have chosen partial refunds of the price of tickets for matches of my favourite football team. I cannot imagine missing the goals being scored by Lech Poznań.

Hanna Gajewska

Art and business

My unusual adventure with art began when I started working for PBG as a PR specialist. From the very beginning, I took part in various artistic initiatives, which have gradually led to the present successful coexistence of art and business at our Company. Next year, the PBG Gallery will celebrate its 10th anniversary. Meetings with artists, the ability to constantly realise new ideas and, most of all, the amazing sensitivity of our Patrons for art - are the sources of enormous satisfaction for me. The recipients of the art, mostly my colleagues, by showing interest in what is going to be shown next at our gallery, prove that it is worthwhile to discover and showcase art - every day.

I am happy that my work is also my passion.

Lidia Prętka, the PBG Gallery Manager

Nature photographer

A naturalist by profession and by avocation, he collects plants and spends his free time hiking and photographing the beauty of Nature. At work, he deals with more down-to-earth aspects of environmental protection: the intricacies of legal regulations, cooperation with the authorities, obtaining permits, waste disposal, etc.

He manages to combine passion with work. He really enjoys what he does.

Agnieszka Michałowska



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