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PBG's unique feature is the special, home-like atmosphere and organisational culture, which we foster every day.

We treat one another with kindness and perform our duties with enthusiasm. We are keen to take on new challenges, but we can also have fun together, relax and mingle. PBG traditionally organises Briefing and Training Meetings and team-building events, such as May Day festivities or the Company Picnic, to which we invite our families and friends. PBG provides us with opportunities to nurture our talents and passions. We are members of sports sections, including the Return Tennis Club and the Merlin Fishing Club, we play in the PBG Band, improve our language skills at the PBG Language School, work on successive issues of the Ogniwo Corporate Bulletin and participate in exhibitions at the PBG Gallery, which allow us to explore the world of art.

PBG's organisational culture has a reputation of being truly unique and exceptional!

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